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once upon a time when drabblesmith was still up and running, the word of the day was "funicular" which has something to do with tightrope walking. so i wrote a drabble. here it is. :D

Author: killerbeautiful
Title: funicular.
Rating: g.
Fandom: labyrinth.
Characters: sarah-centric
Word Count: 194 words.
Warnings: none.
Disclaimer: don't own. unfortunately.

once when she was younger sarah had dreamed of being a tightrope walker. they'd been to the circus and she'd been enthralled with the carelessness of the funambulist's turns and tricks, wishing she could be that easy in any area of her life.

it was only when she said the words and turned around to find herself abruptly in another world, another life, that she realized just how easy it was. how simple to walk that fine line between danger and discretion, to laugh in the face of the goblin king [it's a piece of cake, she lied] and hide her trembling fear deep within her heart. how breathless it was to be forever caught between two choices [just fear me, love me, do as i say and i will be your slave], knowing what she had to do yet still believing she could have it all, the aerial bliss and the concrete safety, if she just tried hard enough.

she never realized the flipside of the coin, that with six tiny words she could throw that ease to the winds and lose her balance. she never realized she could choose to fall off.
Tags: drabbles
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