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See, it's witty, 'cus it sort of sounds like imaginations.

Anyway, here's a rundown of what you've just stumbled across.

m a g i c  n a t i o n s

This is a community for fanfiction and fanart dealing with what I've loosely defined as "fairy-tale fandoms". This means movies, books, graphic novels - basically anything that deals with the intersection of our world (the world Above) and what lies beyond our sight (the world Below).

My idea was to make a single fandom out of stories like this, stories that tap into myth and fairy tale and legend that we've all grown up with. I've seen communities that deal with just one of these (all admittedly underrepresented) fandoms. And I've often thought hey, if we got together we'd have one big fandom that could appreciate each other's fic and maybe broaden everybody's horizons when it comes to our source material.

SO. Here's a basic list of the fandoms I've included in my idea for this community:
-American Gods
-The Neverending Story
-the Sandman graphic novels

This, of course, is open to others. Anything you feel fits the bill of being connected to fairy tales and/or dealing with the clash between our world and theirs, is completely welcome here. Use your best judgment.

Harry Potter, on the other hand, is NOT welcome. There are about 321684984684654987654654 HP communities on Livejournal; this is about promoting lesser-known fandoms. I'm also nervous about Good Omens fic, because I don't want this to turn into a Crowley/Aziraphale extravaganza (much as I love the ship and all the fic I've read of it, this isn't the place for a ton of it- try lower_tadfield for a GO-centered community. if you have fic about the Horsemen, on the other hand, bring it on. XD) but again, use your best judgment. I'm not going to delete anything except Harry Potter stuff, so don't worry about it too much.

r u l e s

1. NO FLAMING. NO WANK. anything like that and I will delete your post and ban your ass faster than you can say 'goblin king'.
2. Anything longer than 500 words goes behind an LJ-cut. No exceptions. ALL art goes behind a cut.
3. Outside the cut should be the following:
-the story or picture's title
-your name/pen name
-the universe you're writing from [ex: Labyrinth, Neverwhere, etc.]
-the character(s) it focuses on
-the rating and warnings, if any
4. Leave feedback when and where you can! As an author I love to get it, and it's nice to hear any thoughts about what I've created. Feed the writers and they'll keep writing. :D If you think you're not sure what to say, fabu has a good Guide to Leaving Feedback that gives a few helpful suggestions of things to say when you've read someone's fic. It also draws the line between concrit and rudeness, which is essential.

Other than that, go to town! Write fic and draw art and post it all here for everyone's enjoyment. I [killerbeautiful] am the mod, and any questions or comments can be directed to me at killerbeautiful @ livejournal.com.